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May 20 2019
Faranda Posts
Chitré is a tourist destination surrounded by natures and plans in which the ecosystem is the one that predominates because it is a varied territory of flora and fauna.

Chitré is a destination where nature and adventure make it one of the most captivating destinations in Panama.

If you are in Chitré, you cannot stop making these plans:

Visit the Sarigua National Park:

This park is also known as "Sarigua Desert" because it is an area of the driest areas of the country and the land is arid by the process of salinization that lives and that hinders the development of vegetation. Inside are the remains of the oldest pre-Columbian indigenous village in Panama. Pelicans, alcedines, butterflies, scorpions and grasshoppers are some of the species that cover the arid soils in this part of the tropics.

The Chitré Arena:

Just 5 minutes from Chitré is a town full of color and culture that cannot be overlooked. Here the crafts become the perfect detail to deliver as a reminder and say that you were in Chitré.

Try the "Sand Bread":

You will love this plan and you will be deeply struck by trying the famous bread made in clay ovens was something you never imagined, but that will make you really happy for your delight.

Ciénega de las Macanas:

This place is ideal to see and enjoy bird watching, an activity for which many people travel to Chitré.

To visit Chitré is to immerse yourself in a unique environment to enjoy nature and discover the charm of a city that does not compare with anything.